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Glucophage Pills
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Metformin, or glucophage, is used to help patients control their blood sugar levels. It should be used along with a diet and exercise program to achieve the maximum results. Patients who have type-2 diabetes use this medication to help control blood sugar levels. This is important since having an elevated sugar level can lead to very serious conditions such as kidney damage, nerve problems, loss of limbs and blindness. Controlling diabetes properly can also reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Glucophage works in the body to help it maintain proper levels of insulin that are naturally produced by the body. It helps the body decrease the amount of sugar made by the liver. This sugar is absorbed by the stomach and intestines.

This medication is effective along with various lifestyle changes like exercise and diet to help prevent diabetes in those who are in the high risk category of developing the disease. It can also be used for women who have particular diseases of the ovaries, specifically polycystic ovarian syndrome. And it can also be used in cases to regulate menstrual cycles and increase fertility.

The medication should be taken only as directed by a qualified physician and only while under his direct supervision. It is rare, but this drug can cause a serious condition called lactic acidosis. This condition can be fatal so it is very important to contact your physician if you develop any symptoms of the disease. Symptoms include dizziness, unusual tiredness, chills, cold or blue skin, difficulty breathing, irregular or slowed heartbeat, diarrhea or stomach pain accompanied by nausea. This disease is more likely for patients who have kidney or liver disease, recent surgeries or a very serious infection in their body.

Having a serious allergic reaction to this medication is very rare. However, if you have any symptoms that might indicate an allergic reaction contact your physician immediately.

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