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Induject-250 is a pharmacological drug which consists of 4 ethers of testosterone and is used for quality and fast muscle gains. A manufacturer of Induject-250 is Alpha Pharma company which gives good account of itself on the market of anabolic steroids and pharmacological drugs for sportsmen.

Induject-250 includes:

Testosterone propionate

  • Testosterone phenylpropionate
  • Testosterone isocaproate
  • Testosterone decanoate

The mixture of 4 testosterone ethers gives more intense androgenic and anabolic action, and that is why athletes may put on weight by several pounds within one therapeutic course.
An absolute advantage of Induject-250 is a prolonged action. The athlete may have less injections and may not think about the systemic use of the drug because the drug contains 4 ethers with different period of action at once.

Testosterone propionate starts acting the first. Its active ingredients are released in already 2 days but they also stop acting quickly. Testosterone phenylpropionate will work in 5-6 days after injection, and its action lasts for about a week.

Then, testosterone isocarproate gets involved and is active within 2 weeks. And the last action will be for testosterone decanoate which acts within 2-3 weeks.

The drug does not cause painful sensations and the appearance of bumps in the place of injection. The injections are made not more than once a week.

Induject-250 results:

  • The muscle gain with low % of water, up to 6 kg per course
  • Slowing-down of catabolism
  • Increase of erythrocytes due to which the staying power of sportsman is increased, and the work of the cardiovascular system is improved during the muscle gain and hard trainings
  • Increased strength
  • Reduction of pain in joints and fiber bands
  • Increased libido

How to take Induject-250?  

The optimal duration of Induject-250 course is 6-8 weeks. The ether mixture works for rather long, so that the processes due to this drug will be kept even after the end of the administration.

Injections are made once a week, 250-500 mg depending on skills and experience of sportsman, and even tolerance of Induject-250.

It is pointless to take Induject-250 more often because it may cause serious side effects.

More rare use of Induject-250 is possible but not recommended because a constant hormone level should be maintained. And if injections are made rarely, the testosterone level would be changed from high to low, and this is not good.

If Induject-250 is taken more than 8 weeks, gonadotropin should be added.


The use of Induject-250 needs post cycle therapy (PCT) because some ethers of testosterone significantly increase estrogen level. As a result, gynecomastia and a significant decrease of the own testosterone level may appear.

Such estrogenic side effects of Induject-250 as fat deposits, edema, acne, and hair loss may appear.

In order to avoid these side effects, the administration of antiestrogens, or better aromatase inhibitors should be started.

Induject-250 is not good for beginners because it requires a certain training level of a sportsman!!!

How to buy Induject-250?

To buy Induject-250 you do not have to look for this drug in pharmacies and specialized shops in your city. You will not probably find this drug in your city because demand for Induject-250 covers the supply.

If you want to save your time, you may order Induject-250 directly form the manufacturer in our online shop.

We specialize in the sale of the high quality anabolic steroids and offer our clients the best prices and proved drugs only. Buying Induject-250 online, you may be sure of the quality because all solutions for injections are supplied in the original pack with a unique code which may be checked on the site of Induject-250.

If you decided to order Induject-250 online, but you have difficulties with making the order, you may contact a shop-assistant who will help you to buy Induject-250 online and consult the drug administration.

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