Motivational Quotes In Text Messaging May Assist Smokers To Quit

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A new study has discovered that sending motivational text messages to smokers would increase their chances of actually quitting this unhealthy habit.

In the United Kingdom, 5,800 smokers who expressed an interest in quitting cigarette smoking were included in the study. They were separated into two groups - the first one composed 2,915 participants who received the motivational text messages, and the control group composed 2,885 participants who got non-motivational text messages.

The group that received motivational text messages was called txt2stop. The participants received messages that gave them advices regarding nicotine cravings; encouraging suggestions to prevent weight gain when one is attempting quitting; and helpful tips to keep them going. As an example, one advice to deal with craving implied the message that cravings normally last only less than 5 minutes - and so, as a distraction try slowly sipping a drink until the craving is over.

A report last June 29 published online in The Lancet said that the non-motivational messages bore no connection to the said study. The participants got messages that thanked them for participating in the study, or asked them to verify the contact information they have provided.

The study tested the saliva of the participants to determine their quit rates. The researchers found out that those who got motivational text messages showed more than twice the percentage (10.7% over 4.9%) of quitting than those who received non-motivational messages. As such, Dr. Caroline Free and her colleagues from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine suggested the inclusion of motivational texting in the current techniques used to facilitate easier quitting from smoking.

In a journal news release, Free was explaining that text messages serve as a convenient avenue where somokers are able to get support as they quit from it. She also mentioned that txt2stop was described and likened as a “friend” who encourages them or as an “angel” who stands by their shoulder. This then helped the smokers to resist the temptations to smoke.

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