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Provigil, whose active ingredient is Modafinil, is used in promoting wakefulness. This medication is known to affect the chemicals found in the brain. This is a popular medication in Europe, Canada, and the US.

If you are looking to buy Provigil, then you have a number of options to choose from. Provigil is available for purchase in retail drugstores and online pharmacies. The prices of this medication vary from one pharmacy to another.

Provigil, being a patented drug, is sold at a high price in the US. For long term users of this medication, this may prove to be very expensive. This drives most patients to buy their medication from foreign online pharmacies. Most of these find themselves in Canadian online pharmacy as they sell their medication at lower prices while still providing a better buying experience and customer support.

Price comparison between the US and Canada

For Provigil users, the most prescribed doses are 100 mg and 200 mg. In the US, a pack of Provigil 200 mg tablets (30 tablets) retails for between $1300 and $1470 in all major outlets. For the 100 mg tablets, the retail price is between $855 and $973. A pack of 60 tablets of Provigil 100 mg retails for between $1700 and $1973. For the 200 mg dose, the same pack sells for between $2500 and $2951.

Branded medication in the US can be very expensive and if taken regularly, this becomes a very costly affair. If you have medical insurance, you might be surprised to find out that it might not be enough to cover the cost of the drugs plus any practitioner fees you might encounter. This can turn out to be a nightmare.

In the last few years, a host of foreign online pharmacies has emerged to fill in this gap created by the high prices of Provigil in the US. Most of these have set up shop in Canada as it is a close neighbor to the US.

Provigil prices in most of these online pharmacies are dependent on whether the medication is generic or not. Customers in the US who buy their medication online from Canada can get great discounts on shipping costs. This, coupled with the low price of the medication, makes most US citizens buy their medication from Canada.

If you are looking to buy a pack of 60 pills of generic Provigil 200 mg, it will only cost you $72, with 90 pills selling for $103 and 120 pills selling for $135. The price of branded Provigil pills is also lower in Canada with 30 pills of Provigil 100 mg retailing for between $400 and $500. For the Provigil 200 mg, the price ranges between $700 and $900.

A number of online pharmacies provide free samples of generic Provigil to their customers for the customer to judge their response to the medication. They can then make a purchase based on their experience. Customers who buy their Provigil from Canadian pharmacies can enjoy 25-30% off on their shipping charges.

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