Drug: Cytotec

Cytotec Pill
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Cytotec is primarily used to help prevent stomach ulcers. It is generally prescribed to patients who are taking some sort of non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications since they can be very hard on the stomach. These types of medications are known to cause ulcers and Cytotec  can protect the lining of the stomach by reducing the acid in the stomach.

This medication can also be used in conjunction with another drug called mifepristone to cause an abortion. It can also be used to aid in starting labor for women who are ready to give birth to a child. And it is also used to help stop severe cases of bleeding after the baby is delivered. It helps the muscles in the womb to contract which can help reduce bleeding.

The warnings for this medication are for pregnant women who should not take it. If someone thinks that there is a possibility that they are pregnant they should avoid taking Cytotec. It can cause the body to abort the baby, give birth prematurely or cause various types of birth defects. There have also been some reported complications when it is used to abort a baby after the 8th week of the pregnancy. It can cause harm to both baby and mother.

Other side effects that may occur when taking this particular medication include stomach cramps or nausea. Most people can take the medication without any type of problems and usually there are no side effects reported. Sometimes it can cause diarrhea but that will go away after about a week. During that time drink plenty of water and report it to your doctor if it continues for over a week.

Other side effects are very unlikely but possible. Inform your doctor if you develop unusual or heavy vaginal bleeding or menstrual problems.

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