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Motilium Pills
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Motilium is a type of dopamine antagonist and the tablets or suppositories contain the active ingredient domperidone. It is used to help settle the stomach down. It works basically as an anti-sickness drug with can relieve the uncomfortable symptoms associated with stomach bloating, fullness and even reflux. It is only used for adults.

The way that domperidone works is by blocking the dopamine receptors that are located in the upper portions of the digestive system. It causes the stomach to tighten its muscles at the entry of the stomach, relaxes the muscles near the exit of the stomach area and makes the stomach muscles contract. All of these muscles working together help to work the food through the stomach area and on into the intestine. This helps reduce the possibility of vomiting and also reduces various feelings associated with sickness, fullness and bloating. It also keep the food from going the wrong way out of the stomach such as in conditions like reflux.

Domperidone works in the brain to inhibit dopamine receptors. This has to do with how and when messages are sent through the nervous system when there is the presence of an irritant. One example is when the person is using chemotherapy medicines. Once the receptor is activated by Motilium it sends out messages to other parts of the brain which includes the vomiting center. This interrupts the signal to throw up and helps to reduce the symptom of being nausea and keeps the person from vomiting.

Molitilium is available in tablet form or in a suppository. The suppository is very useful for those who are having stomach trouble and cannot take various medicines by mouth.  When the suppository is inserted into the rectum, the domperidone is then absorbed into the bloodstream by the blood vessels that line the area.

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