Bookmark and Share is an online service which allows customers full access to many licensed pharmacies. They are an escrow service, not an online pharmacy. They will provide the connection to a trusted pharmacy that can fill your prescriptions at a greatly reduced price. On average, patients save between 40 and 90 percent on their medications. is an international company that operates out of the United Kingdom. They have filled prescriptions for nearly a million customers in the seven years they have been in business. They offer their clientele a unique service that helps protect them from the various forms of internet fraud that is preying upon innocent people.

Basically, they have contracts with trustworthy licensed pharmacies across the globe. When a customer makes an order, they will choose the pharmacy with the best location and the best price to dispense the medication. So they function as an escrow service between the customer and the pharmacy. They will follow through with every single transaction to ensure that it is completed professionally.

When a customer places an order at they put the funds in an escrow account where it will stay until the order has been completed by the pharmacy. After the order has been successfully completed the pharmacy receives the payment. If any trouble should arise at any point, and the pharmacy does not correct it in a timely fashion, the customer is issued a refund. offers discount medications and ensures that every prescription is filled by a fully licensed pharmacy. Each order for medications is filled by a licensed pharmacist, and they are clearly labeled, including expiration dates. Every order will also be accompanied by any information supplied by the manufacturer. And if you find a better price online than what offers, they will do their best to meet or beat that price.

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