Bookmark and Share is an international Canadian pharmacy who is highly respected for providing online pharmaceutical services. The company has been providing these services since 2001 and is associated with a fully accredited Canadian pharmacy and several international drug stores as well. They can provide medications and fill prescriptions at an affordable price. Their prices are substantially less than what customers are expected to pay elsewhere. Offering quality service and products is of utmost importance and to ensure their rigorous quality standards are adhered to they employ physicians who are fully licensed to supervise procedures.

One business goal of is to provide prescription drugs to customers. They want their services to be safe and easy to use. There are a variety of ways to place an order: by phone, mail, fax, or by ordering online. There is assistance available at any time on the toll-free customer support and order line. To make an order, customers must have a valid prescription from a qualified physician. The order is then thoroughly reviewed by a licensed pharmacist and physician before the drugs are dispensed.

Medications can be purchased using a Visa or Master Card, or by using a personal check. However, if you use a check to pay the order will not be processed until the check has cleared the bank. does not take debit cards of any sort. You can pay using Visa or Mastercard for online orders. The website includes the latest in security measures to make sure that each transaction is safely conducted.

There are no hidden fees. Prices include all shipping fees; customers pay the price they see. The price also includes insurance and sales tax. And each order is guaranteed as long as the customer gave the correct address. If the order does not arrive a full refund is issued.

Customers Testimonial

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