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The Yearly $635 Billion Pain Costs In The U.S. - A Report

A report from the Institute of Medicine has revealed that more or less 116 million adults in the United States are affected by pain, and that the country spends $560 billion to $635 million every year due to this.

The authors of the report have clarified, though, that most of this pain can be prevented - if a conscious effort into changing the way the US responds to pain management and understanding is made.

The authors even we... Read more

Rapid-Aging Disease In Kids And Its Potential Treatment From A Organ Transplant Drug

A new research has found that a drug presently used to counteract rejection among recipients of organ transplant may be instrumental in reducing DNA cell damage in children who experience rapid ageing.

The researchers of US National Institutes of Health along with a couple of universities and hospitals have found the antibiotic rapamycin to help in cases of children... Read more

Avastin As Breast Cancer Treatment Rejected By FDA Panel

The popular drug Avastin has been rejected as a possible treatment for metastatic breast cancer by a health advisory panel in the United States - when they find out that the drug triggers damaging side effects, in addition to not being really effective.

The US Food and Drug Administration has recommended the approval of the drug as breast cancer medication be revoked; and the makers of the ... Read more

The Road To Discovering The Ovarian Cancer Treatment Through New The Gene “Map”

Scientists of the current largest study about tumour types claim that they have made in-depth progress into discovering the genes that promote aggressive ovarian cancer.

The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Research Network arrived at this discovery through the 2006 joint project of the US National Cancer Institute and the US National Human Genome Research Institute.

Paul T. Spellman, the head researcher and a staff scientist in Berk... Read more

Faster Recovery Of ICU Patients May Be Achieved Through Delaying Intravenous Feeding

A new study has discovered that a temporary withhold on intravenous feeding on a patient, who is seriously ill inside an intensive care unit, can actually lead to an earlier hospital discharge for them.

ICU patients normally have difficulty with feeding themselves or they may be on ventilators, making it necessary for doctors to feed them using a tube that directly transports food the stomach. When that cannot be achieved, the next bes... Read more

The Relationship Between Memory Blackouts And Risks Of Alcohol-Related Injuries

A new research has shown the relationship between a college student’s memory blackouts from alcohol and the possibilities of him or her suffering from an alcohol-induced injury in the future.

The study encompassed five universities from North America and analysed data that came from more or less 800 undergraduates students and 150 plus postgraduate students. The participants were examined by the researchers for two years.

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Motivational Quotes In Text Messaging May Assist Smokers To Quit

A new study has discovered that sending motivational text messages to smokers would increase their chances of actually quitting this unhealthy habit.

In the United Kingdom, 5,800 smokers who expressed an interest in quitting cigarette smoking were included in the study. They were separated into two groups - the first one composed 2,915 participants who received the motivational text messages, and the control group composed 2,885 partic... Read more

E Prescribing Does Not Come Without Faults

Recent research has discovered that contrary to popular opinion, outpatient electronic prescribing systems still create the common and same errors that take place in manual systems.

The research involved analyses of 3,850 prescriptions that came from the e-prescription system. These prescriptions were delivered to a drug store chain scattered over three different states in the US f... Read more

The Cerebrospinal Fluid

The cerebrospinal fluid is found in the subarachnoid space, the ventricles and the central canal. It is created through the active transport of certain substances in the blood plasma which is situated inside the choroid plexus. The cerebrospinal fluid is clear, and is similar to the lymph fluid. It is responsible for creating a protective cushioning to the structures within the CNS, or the central nervous system.

Like a floating vessel... Read more

Effective Tests For Erectile Dysfunction

To diagnose an erectile dysfunction, usually a check up is not enough. There are various tests needed to be done to successfully reveal the root cause of the disorder. The following are as follows:

Blood Hormone Studies

Prolactin levels and testosterone are measured to check if there are abnormalities in either of these two sex hormones.

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

... Read more

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