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Biaxin – also known as clarithromycin – fights harmful bacteria in the body. Due to its antibiotic nature, it is used primarily to treat bacteria that is negatively affecting the skin and respiratory system. On top of that, a combination...

Big X Plus

Big X plus is an all natural amalgamation of herbs that converge on increasing penis size, congenial sex and preventing precipitate ejaculation. The brain ought to send a signal message to the pennies to fill up with blood in the time of obtaining an erection. This medicine contains those ingredients which will help the brain to send...


Bontril is a drug similar to amphetamine which is a sympthomimetic amine. It is a substitute for more popular Phentermine. It is produced by Carnrick Laboratories Inc.Usually Bontril is taken single time a day but a doctor may prescribe to increase the number of intakes in a day so as to fit your physical need.


Buspar is a drug that is mostly utilized for the medication of anxiety. This drug works in our body by affecting a couple of hormones in the brain. While most of the users bear it well, side effects are still possible. The drug is officially approved for short term treatment of anxiety symptoms and disorders.


At this moment in time, there are millions of people from all around the world who suffer from either chronic headaches, or get the occasional headache more or less often. This is why there are currently a wide variety of drugs that you can...


In the unfortunate case that you have been involved in an accident and have been injured, or if you suffer from painful muscoskeletal conditions, then Carisoprodol may be recommended as a part of your treatment. To put things better into...


As a cephalosporin antibiotic, Cefadroxil is used to treat bacteria that occurs in the skin, throat and urinary tract. Though relatively cheap when it comes to purchasing it over the counter at a pharmacy, it is important to consume it only...


A cephalosporin antibiotic, Cefixime works by killing bacteria that is sensitive in nature. It is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that is able to neutralize many different types of bacteria, for example, streptococcus pyogenes – also known as the...


Ceftin, also known as cefuroxime axetil or cefuroxime, is a cephalosporin antibiotic. Available as a cheap generic drug at your local pharmacy, Ceftin is usually administered for bacterial infections that spread quickly throughout the body...


Celebrex belongs to a group of drugs called NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This drug is used to cure swelling and pain which may be caused by various reasons. The doctors prescribe this medicine, generically named as Celecobix, to treat issues related to various forms of arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis...


Celexa is a popular antidepressant drug belonging to a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). The generic name of this drug is Citalopram. The chemicals which may become unbalanced and cause depression are affected by this generic drug.


Part of a group of pills called cephalosporin antibiotics, Cephalexin is used to fight bacteria by preventing the bacteria cells from forming a cell wall that protects it from the body’s antibodies. Existing bacteria with intact walls will be...


Those who are chain smokers and are fed up with their own smoking habits can go with Champix. It is a fantastic drug that helps the patient in reducing his smoking habit with least trouble. It is a reliable source. Generic name of this pill is varenicline.


Chloramphenicol is an antibiotic that slows down the growth of and kills sensitive bacteria. Due to its aggressive nature, online sources suggest using other medications that are safer if Chloramphenicol is not the only viable option.


Chloromycetin is a type of antibiotic that falls under the Chloramphenicol class. In the U.S., it is also known as Chloromycetin Sodium Succinate. Chloromycetin is used to treat bacterial infections that are highly dangerous.

Cialis Black

Cialis Black is a male enhancement medication that is used to treat men with erectile dysfunction. It is a powerful version of one of the more popular medications that is commonly used to treat this problem. Cialis Black guarantees those who take it can perform up to 40 hours afterwards.

Cialis Brand

Brand Cialis is known to last an average of 36 hours and it needs to be taken fifteen minutes before any sexual encounter. The recommended dosage of Cialis is just once every day. Brand Cialis works by relaxing the blood vessels so that more blood can flow freely, permitting harder and stronger erections.

Cialis Generic

Cialis (tadalafil) is a medication formulated used for treating erectile dysfunction or impotence. Many erectile dysfunction patients have trusted Cialis as a medication since its main component - Tadalafil, was approved in November 2003 by the FDA. Moreover, manufactured by Eli Lilly and Company, this licensed medication is proven to have 78% success in allowing men to have a successful intercourse.

Cialis Oral Jelly

Cialis Oral Jelly is a special type of oral gel whose primary active component is tadalafil. It has the analogous usability and lasting effect of up to thirty-six hours like the ordinary generic Cialis product. But the key difference of this from the normal product is that this jelly starts to work within 25 minutes after its intake.

Cialis Professional

Cialis Professional is a chemically improved version of Cialis. It is a newly formulated prescription medication, which can be taken orally to treat male erectile dysfunction. Cialis contains the ingredient known as Tadalafil, which is used to enhance male sexual activity, boost penile potency and give longer lasting erections.

Cialis Soft

Cialis has always been a dependable medication for different cases of erectile dysfunction, and many men worldwide have trusted and can attest as to how effective this drug is. However, there are some downsides with the regular Cialis pills, especially for men who want to engage in sexual activities without having to kill too much of their time just for the drug to take effect. The good news is that another form of Cialis has been created to keep with the immediate needs of men - that is, Cialis

Cialis Super Active

This drugs has many benefits to offer. Cialis Super Active will help boost your sexual energy and libido, help you achieve a long lasting erection and maintain it. These are things you will need for improved sexual arousal and intercourse. Cialis Super Active can be taken 5-6 minutes before sexual activity and is known to last as long as 48 hours.


Cipro is useful for treating a wide range of bacterial infections. The drug classification for Ciprofloxacin is quinolone antibiotic. It stops the growth of bacteria. This is the only use for the medication and it will not work to stop a viral infection such as the flu or a cold. If a patient is prescribed this antibiotic too often it will lose its effectiveness.


Everybody at any age can have allergic reaction. To inhibit the symptoms of the allergic reaction antihistamine medicines are often used which block receptors stimulating the reaction to allergens.


Rash, skin itching, itching of the nasal mucosa, and burning in the eyes are the symptoms of the allergic disease. In case of allergy, patients are prescribed antihistamine medicines which almost does not cause side effects. If antihistamine medicines do not help to cope with the allergy symptoms, the patient is prescribed glucocorticosteroid medicines.

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