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Clomid is a non steroidal prescribed fertility drug. It is commonly administered as the first medication by doctors when treating unexplained infertility or an-ovulation. Clomid has the generic name of clomiphene citrate. Also, Clomid is a brand name given to the fertility drug sold under the name Serophene.


Unfortunately, at this moment in time, numerous people suffer from conditions that provoke seizures. While there are numerous medicines meant to treat seizure disorders, not many are effective, and some may not work as advertised...


Colospa represents a drug that is often used to treat irritable bowel syndrome, but also gastrointestinal spasms often caused by a bowel syndrome. To put things better into perspective, the drug works by relaxing the gut muscles at a cellular...


Confido is one of the leading non-hormonal therapies which reduces anxiety and enable the patient to live an anxiety free life. The medicine acts on the brain centers and activates the neuron system to balance the hormonal process responsible for ejaculation. It was also formerly known as Speman Forte.


Cytotec is primarily used to help prevent stomach ulcers. It is generally prescribed to patients who are taking some sort of non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications since they can be very hard on the stomach. These types of medications are known to cause ulcers and Cytotec can protect the lining of the stomach by reducing the acid in the stomach.


At this moment in time, a numerous number of people from all over the world suffer from various sexual diseases. One example is premature ejaculation. Unfortunately, medical scientists have still not discovered all of the causes that provoke...


Due to unknown conditions as of this moment, there are millions of people residing in areas from all around the world who suffer from conditions such as depression, but also anxiety disorders, chronic pain and more. Desyrel represents...


Diazepam is the name of a group of drugs known as benzodiazepines alters the materials inside the human brain causes unbalanced situations and anxiety. It is widely utilized everywhere to treat muscle spasms, anxiety and other brain disorders and also alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Diclofenac Gel

At this moment in time, millions of people from all around the world suffer from pain in their joints due to various conditions such as osteoarthritis. Due to this, there are numerous pills and gels that act as painkiller, and which are...


Didrex tablets contain benzphetamine hydrochloride. It is a white crystalline soluble in 95% ethanol and water. It also has inactive contents like calcium stearate, corn starch, povidone, sorbitol, erythrosine sodium.Didrex is used as a supplement to physical exercises, behaviour therapies and food habits for treatment of obesity in short-term.


Diflucan is an anti-fungal medication which belongs to a group by the name of azole anti-fungals. Fluconazole is the active ingredient present in the drug. It has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in January 1990 to prevent and treat several fungal discomforts.


Doxycycline is a man-made or synthetic antibiotic mainly derived from tetracycline. This antibiotic works by treating bacterial infections - interrupting the growth and spread of bacteria. Some of the bacterial infections where doxycycline is used include urinary tract infections, gonorrhoea, periodontitis or gum disease, acne, chlamydia, anthrax or inhalation exposure and others.

ED Medium Pack

ED Medium Pack consists a combination of 10 pills of 100mg Viagra and 10 pills of 20mg Cialis. There are so many reasons why ED patients opt to purchase ED Medium Pack. To help you further understand what’s in the package and how will be advantageous to you, we have gathered a short list why ED Medium Pack is a good pack choice.

ED Trial Pack

Men with erectile dysfunction don’t have to sweat it out in private anymore - and let go of feeling embarrassed and hiding their medical condition. The ED Trial Pack is a great choice for men who are still contemplating which drug will best treat their erectile dysfunction.


Amitriptyline hydrochloride, better known as Elavil, is a very good anti depressant which can be taken only if the doctor prescribes. It is a member of the tricyclic antidepressant family and is used mainly to treat the symptoms of depression.

Elocon Cream

Elocon is a special disease which is used for different kinds of skin problems. It contains steroid and is applied on the skin. It should be used only when it is prescribed by the doctors.This steroid is prescribed to cure the inflammation of skin or any other similar disorder like redness, rashes etc.


Erectalis, as the name indicates is a drug that is used by those people who suffer from a lack of erection. There are many young as well as older men who suffer from lack of erection. This is a common problem in this highly stressful world. This drug helps those who suffer this problem to get back their erection when they are aroused.


The pharmaceutical company, Rambaxy manufactures Eriacta. It is commonly used to treat Erectile dysfunction. (ED) Its active ingredient is called sildenafil citrate which is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It has long been used and been very effective. Many people use it simply for spicing up their sex life.


Erythromycin is a commonly used drug because of its action against various kinds of bacterial infections. This is an antibiotic and is classified as a macrolide antibiotic. The function of this drug is to make the various bacteria to stop growing. Since it is an antibiotic, it functions only against bacterial infections and is ineffective against any viral infections.

Female Cialis

Female Cialis deals with sexual arousal disorders and sexual dysfunction in females. It puts forward many advantages. It increases the level of testosterone in blood of women. It boosts the libido and also enhances sexual experience. It enhances women’s sensitivity to stimulation and provides multiple climaxes.

Female Viagra

For women looking for a magic pill to restore their sexual drive, Female Viagra is the one pill that can come close to meeting such expectations. Female Viagra helps increase the flow of blood required in in the genital area, which intensifies pleasure during sexual intercourse. Female Viagra must be taken orally. The drug will begin working its magic within 45 minutes of the first intake. The effects are known to last as long as 6 hours.


The generic name of Femara is letrozole. It is a well known hormone therapy and is classifies as an aromatase inhibitor. It is used to cure estrogen receptor positive or metastatic breast cancer. It is advised only for women whose menstrual periods have stopped. It is only used as first-line therapy.


Finpecia is the Cipla manufactured generic name of Propecia 1mg. This is a product for men usually, which helps in hair growth and avert hair loss anymore. It contains Finasteride, which helps to prevent hair loss by blocking the development of DHT. Finpecia provides the growth of hair follicles as well as inhibits male hair loss or androgenetic alopecia.


Flagyl also known as metronidazole is an antibiotic. It is used to fight against bacteria in the body. Flagyl is normally used in bacterial infections such as in the stomach, vagina, respiratory tract and skin joints. This drug, however, will not be effective in treating a vaginal yeast infection.


Flonase is an effective and safe medicine which provides a strong anti-allergic action. Flonase contains the active ingredient Fluticasone. Fluticasone is the most studied product among all nasal corticosteroids, and its safety is confirmed by the medical studies and FDA.

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