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The History of ED

While still not thoroughly understood by scientists, erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that has been affecting men from all around the world since ancient times.

What were the early treatments?

Doctors first tried to heal the condition in the medieval Islamic world, where physicians would prescribe medication and... Read more

Diabetic Neuropathy

At this moment in time, there are a wide variety of medical conditions that tend to go unnoticed in their initial stages, but then tend to provide a lot of pain to the patients. One such example is diabetic neuropathy, which has been proven to become both debilitating and painful later down the line.

However, in case treatment is begun early, from the first signs of the condition, then the microvascular damage which underlies ... Read more

Patients suffering from chronic insomnia can reportedly get relief from half the medication

At this moment in time, roughly nine million Americans rely on prescription pills to help treat chronic insomnia. According to recent reports, it seems like the latest developments in the field will allow them to gain relief by taking half of their usual amount of drugs and even be able to efficiently introduce placebos in their treatment plan. These findings are situated in a considerable contrast to the normal pills and treatment p... Read more

Choosing a website to buy Levitra online from

At this moment in time, men from all around the world suffer from a specific condition that greatly affects their relationships, bodies and self-confidence. Erectile dysfunction (ED) has been around for ages, and while there are numerous medicines meant to help, there are times when all available solutions fail.

This represents the perfect moment to purchase Levitra, which is always successful when other drugs such as Viagra f... Read more

Tips from Patients on what to consider with Xanax

Xanax professionally referred to as alprazolam is a brain medication that has immense uses. It is the ideal treatment for anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and depression caused anxiety. There are many other uses for the medication that you may not find listed on its package. There are many other effec... Read more

Insomnia under the microscope and the role of ambien

Insomnia is largely the result of our pace of life. Not surprisingly, the WHO report on sleep disorders across the North America revealed that citizens of large cities are 28% more subjected to sleep disorder risks. is characterized by two symptoms: difficulty falling asleep and frequent awakening at night. In many patients both symptoms manifest at the same time and quite frequently, dramatically reducing their performance and... Read more

Xanax. real people, cases and professional comments

In this article we are gathering under the roof the most frequent questions and requests on Xanax at WebMD forum. And we have Dr. Martin Powell from University of California in San Diego, a psychiatrist with 10 years of experience to comment on them.

‘Can Xanax cause addiction? I’m willing to do something about my recurring panic attacks, but I was struggling t... Read more

Tramadol - pain salvation and its dark side

A prescription drug Tramadol is known for its considerable analgesic effect. Its strong analgesic activity provides a rapid, long-lasting effect of up to 36 hours with the first reception. The medication is inferior to morphine in terms of pharmacological action at the same doses; it is therefore used in large doses, respectively.

In recent years, its use for the tr... Read more

The legendary blue pill’s conquest loses momentum. But still feels comfortable

The mindblowing success of Viagra is killing you with numbers. Despite the release of strong rivals in the face of Levitra and Cialis generic, not to mention the horde of generic brands and the impact of grey market, so far Pfizer has b... Read more

The time-tested weight-loss weapon maintaining its relevance for over 50 years

Phentermine has been revealed to the wider audience with FDA approval in far 1959. With a number of formulation refinement rounds since then, it is one of the few weight control pills that made it through a zillion of safety and industry standard trials. Unlike the Fen-Phen, Ephedra and a range of other discontinued pills, Phentermine is still available in a huge array o... Read more

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